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Monthly Archive for May, 2011

I initially came across Peter Söderbaum’s work in the early 1990s.  I have maintained a strong interest in his writing over the years and drawn on it heavily in my own research endeavours – which combine an interest in pluralism and a strong sense of dissatisfaction with mainstream accounting theory and practice. Mainstream accounting is […]

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World Economics Association (WEA)

Manifesto The World Economics Association (WEA) seeks to increase the relevance, breath and depth of economic thought. Its key qualities are worldwide membership and governance, and inclusiveness with respect to: (a) the variety of theoretical perspectives; (b) the range of human activities and issues which fall within the broad domain of economics; and (c) the […]

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Appeal of teachers and researchers

« Renewing the research and teaching in finance, economics and management to better serve the common good» (Genève-Fribourg-Zürich mars 2011) (1)    The authors of this appeal are deeply concerned that more than three years since the outbreak of the financial and macroeconomic crisis that highlighted the pitfalls, limitations, dangers and responsibilities of main-stream thought in economics, […]

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